Duly Health and Care Center

At our new Addison center, adults on Medicare expe­ri­ence per­son­al­ized rela­tion­ships with Duly providers who deliv­er care tai­lored espe­cial­ly to their health needs. Dr. Susan Vahebi and our care team are set­ting a new stan­dard for help­ing seniors achieve their health goals too, like keep­ing the golf game sharp, play­ing in the park with the grand­kids and enjoy­ing long walks with friends and loved ones.

A care expe­ri­ence reimag­ined – to help seniors flourish

This Addison cen­ter is designed to deliv­er a wel­com­ing envi­ron­ment, pow­ered by lead­ing-edge dig­i­tal tech­nolo­gies that help seniors get a pic­ture of their total health. This state of true wellness helps to minimize unanticipated trips to the doctor or hospital.

Best of all, our cen­ter is staffed by skilled clin­i­cians, known as CARE ALLIES, who strive to know those they serve as peo­ple (not patients), and who work to stay con­nect­ed, acces­si­ble and approach­able to antic­i­pate health needs even before they are known.

Susan Vahebi, MD

I’m flour­ish­ing when I’m liv­ing in sim­plic­i­ty and show­ing my grat­i­tude to nature. To be at peace with God, what­ev­er one con­ceives her/​him/​it to be, and in the trick­ery of life, keep­ing peace with your soul. We are a col­lec­tive of expe­ri­ences, val­ues, years of mem­o­ries — both bit­ter and sweet – and bro­ken dreams. I look forward to partnering with you in Addison!

Walk-In Express Care

On the days when illnesses or injuries don't check your schedule, our family medicine care team is ready to serve you with convenient walk-in care, seven-days-a-week with extended hours.

Physical Therapy

We understand just how limiting pain and injury can be in your everyday life. Our team of physical therapists will partner with you to tai­lor a pro­gram that restores your func­tion and allows you to get back to the daily activities you love.

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