Revision Skincare Black Mask contains freshwater silt with natural materials. This silt is proven to effectively absorb toxins for a healthy complexion. With salicylic acid, this purifying skin mask exfoliates to remove dead cells that create a dull look. Naturally hydrating ingredients including jojoba esters, squalane and glycerin hydrate and replenish cells to keep your complexion soft and smooth. Soothing ingredients such as cucumber and oat kernel extract calm an irritated or aggravated complexion. This Revision skin care product can be used twice a week to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores and an oily complexion. An intensive, purifying facial treatment that deeply cleans the skin removing impurities, toxins and excess sebum. This leaves the skin feeling clean, soft and refreshed. The black mask contains silt derived from the freshwater lakes of Eastern Europe. This silt provide nourishment and healing. This is combined with Salicylic Acid which increases cell turnover resulting in smoother skin. It is naturally scented with cool and invigorating peppermint.


Thoroughly cleanses the skin Removes impurities and other toxins Hydrates and nourishes Increases cell turnover Reduces the appearance of wrinkles


Massage gently on the skin avoiding the eye area Leave on 15-30 minutes. Rinse with warm water and pat dry

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