COVID-19 Vaccine Booster - Moderna

COVID-19 mRNA Vac­cine Boost­er for Immuno­com­pro­mised Individuals

The CDC now rec­om­mends that peo­ple whose immune sys­tems are com­pro­mised mod­er­ate­ly to severe­ly should receive an addi­tion­al does of mRNA COVID-19 vac­cine after their ini­tial 2 dos­es. The addi­tion­al dose should be received at least 28 days fol­low­ing the sec­ond dose of ini­tial Pfiz­er or Mod­er­na mRNA vac­cine series. (No boost­er is rec­om­mend­ed if your ini­tial vac­cine was the John­son & John­son sin­gle dose vaccine.)

Addi­tion­al dos­es are rec­om­mend­ed for patients who have:

  • Been receiv­ing active can­cer treat­ment for tumors or can­cers of the blood
  • Received an organ trans­plant and are tak­ing med­i­cine to sup­press the immune system
  • Received a stem cell trans­plant with­in the last 2 years or are tak­ing med­i­cine to sup­press the immune system
  • Mod­er­ate or severe pri­ma­ry immunodeficiency
  • Advanced or untreat­ed HIV infection
  • Active treat­ment with high-dose cor­ti­cos­teroids or oth­er drugs that may sup­press your immune response

You may sched­ule your addi­tion­al dose of vac­cine by com­plet­ing the Symp­tom Check­er in MyD­MGHealth (MyChart) or by call­ing 888−693−6437. We will ask that you attest to one of these cri­te­ria when sched­ul­ing your appoint­ment through MyD­MGHealth or over the phone.

Our vac­cine boost­er dos­es will be admin­is­tered at the fol­low­ing loca­tions. You will receive a boost­er of the same vac­cine as your ini­tial series:

  • 801 Ogden Avenue, Lisle – Pfizer
  • 430 Penn­syl­va­nia Avenue, Glen Ellyn – Moderna
  • 17495 South LaGrange Road, Tin­ley Park — Moderna