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Otolaryngology - ENT

Duly Health and Care oto­laryn­gol­o­gists or ENT doc­tors pro­vide spe­cial­ty eval­u­a­tions and medical/​surgical treat­ment for con­di­tions of the face, head, and neck. Your high­ly expe­ri­enced oto­laryn­gol­o­gists will use advanced endo­scop­ic and laser surgery tech­niques to treat a wide range of dis­or­ders of the ear, nose and throat. Our ear, nose and throat providers spe­cial­ize in adult and pedi­atric ENT care. Your treat­ment can have very pos­i­tive effects on your qual­i­ty of life, as some of these dis­or­ders are asso­ci­at­ed with hear­ing, bal­ance, speech, swal­low­ing, and upper-air­way breathing.

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