DuPage Medical Group Physician Offers Leading Surgery Technique to Treat Pilonidal Condition

March 27, 2017

DOWN­ERS GROVE, Ill. - DuPage Med­ical Group sur­geon, Dr. Marc Brand, is one of a few high­ly trained sur­geons offer­ing the min­i­mal­ly inva­sive Cleft-Lift pro­ce­dure in Illi­nois. Brand has been per­form­ing this sur­gi­cal tech­nique since August of 2005, and recent­ly joined DuPage Med­ical Group. This pro­ce­dure treats a com­mon painful skin con­di­tion known as pilonidal disease. 

Patients with pilonidal dis­ease devel­op a cyst, usu­al­ly above the but­tocks over the tail­bone, though it can occur in oth­er areas of the body. Symp­toms of pain and swelling may be fol­lowed by peri­ods of improve­ment then recur­rence. Pilonidal patients tend to be younger, rang­ing between the ages of 15 – 35. 

With the out­pa­tient Cleft-Lift pro­ce­dure, Brand reshapes the inter­gluteal cleft which is the most com­mon area impact­ed by this con­di­tion. Surgery typ­i­cal­ly takes less than two hours to com­plete. The ful­ly closed wound does not need to be packed or left open as with tra­di­tion­al sur­gi­cal solutions. 

This spe­cial­ized sur­gi­cal tech­nique is unique and high­ly desir­able solu­tion for patients deal­ing with this con­di­tion as it touts a two week recov­ery time, with some restric­tions for six weeks, com­pared to tra­di­tion­al pro­ce­dures that can require upwards of eight weeks of recovery. 

Pilonidal cysts are very painful, and they can affect patients’ qual­i­ty of life,” says Brand. The Cleft-Lift pro­ce­dure rep­re­sents a real break­through that offers relief and a frac­tion of the recov­ery time oth­er sur­gi­cal tech­niques can require.” 

Dr. Brand cur­rent­ly sees patients in Glen Ellyn and Lisle. To find out if this solu­tion is right for you, sched­ule a con­sul­ta­tion online by vis­it­ing Dr. Brand’s online pro­file or by call­ing (630) 790‑1700.

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