Our Promise

Well, hel­lo there. We haven’t been prop­er­ly introduced.

DuPage Med­ical Group is now Duly Health and Care.

Duly Health and Care was launched in Sep­tem­ber 2021 with one pur­pose – to help you flourish.

We believe that true health is lim­it­less. It can­not be found in a sys­tem where peo­ple are seen as patients with symp­toms to be treat­ed. We get that no one wants to be a patient, or even thought of as one.

That’s why at Duly Health and Care, we have providers who will meet you on your health jour­ney, wher­ev­er that may be. Providers who believe that health isn’t just the absence of sick­ness, but an ongo­ing pur­suit to reach your true poten­tial. Providers who push the bound­aries of inno­va­tion and chal­lenge the expect­ed to deliv­er the extra­or­di­nary – for YOU.

Because at Duly Health and Care, we know that health­i­er makes happier.

Our take on health and care.

We Believe…

Every human can flourish

Flour­ish­ing is unique­ly per­son­al. We are hon­ored to empow­er your journey.

How we do it:

  • By part­ner­ing with you to help you meet your extra­or­di­nary potential
  • By sup­port­ing your health and care beyond the walls of our clinics
  • By see­ing you the per­son – not you the patient

In the Extraordinary

Good enough isn’t for us. We see the extra­or­di­nary in every per­son and every experience.

How we do it:

  • By pro­vid­ing per­son­al­ized care built specif­i­cal­ly for you.
  • By deliv­er­ing care and sup­port on your terms.
  • By bring­ing experts who bring their best to you every day. 

    Every­one Deserves an Imag­i­na­tive Ally

    In health and care, every­one should have a guide to help chart the way. We unleash the pow­er of part­ner­ship to reveal new possibilities.

    How we do it:

    • By putting you first in all we do.
    • By using inno­va­tion as a path for bet­ter care and a health­i­er and hap­pi­er you.
    • By work­ing tire­less­ly to make every inter­ac­tion personalized.