DuPage Medical Group Urologist Uses Advanced Robotic Technology to Remove Complex Kidney Tumor

September 26, 2017

DOWN­ERS GROVE, Ill. — DuPage Med­ical Group’s Dr. Ranko Mio­ci­novic recent­ly per­formed the suc­cess­ful removal of a patien­t’s com­plex tumor using advanced da Vin­ci robot­ic tech­nol­o­gy at North­west­ern Med­i­cine Cen­tral DuPage Hospital.

After receiv­ing news from mul­ti­ple sur­geons that her con­di­tion could only be treat­ed through an open sur­gi­cal pro­ce­dure, patient Pat­ti DeNi­chols con­sult­ed Dr. Mio­ci­novic to dis­cuss min­i­mal­ly inva­sive treat­ment options for a foot­ball-sized kid­ney tumor.

I’ve been very involved in cross­fit since 2012, and that’s where my pas­sion is,” says DeNi­chols. I was actu­al­ly back to cross­fit six weeks after surgery, and it would­n’t have hap­pened if Dr. Mio­ci­novic had­n’t been suc­cess­ful in doing my surgery lapro­scop­i­cal­ly. He was the only sur­geon will­ing to give it a try with a tumor as large as mine, and I will be for­ev­er grate­ful for his courage and his skill­ful ability.”

Upon care­ful exam­i­na­tion of the patien­t’s 16.2 cm by 12.2 cm by 10 cm tumor, Dr. Mio­ci­novic strate­gized how to remove the mass with­out per­form­ing the tra­di­tion­al surgery method of cut­ting through the 59-year-old marathon run­ner’s stom­ach mus­cles, which would result in a lengthy and painful recov­ery. With the goal of min­i­miz­ing scar­ring and short­en­ing the patien­t’s recov­ery time, Mio­ci­novic opt­ed to per­form the surgery with da Vin­ci Robot­ic Sur­gi­cal System.

The da Vin­ci allows trained physi­cians to per­form min­i­mal­ly inva­sive surg­eries by insert­ing minia­ture instru­ments and a 3D high-def­i­n­i­tion cam­era robot­i­cal­ly through small inci­sions, allow­ing for bet­ter accu­ra­cy, greater pre­ci­sion and a quick­er recov­ery with a decreased chance in complications.

Not only was Dr. Mio­ci­novic able to per­form the surgery laparo­scop­i­cal­ly, but he also removed the mas­sive tumor and entire right kid­ney through an inci­sion sim­i­lar in size to a C‑section. This inno­v­a­tive approach pro­vid­ed the patient a small­er and more dis­creet scar and allowed her to return home only three days later.

The da Vin­ci method rep­re­sents the lat­est in robot­ic tech­nolo­gies,” says Dr. Mio­ci­novic. At DuPage Med­ical Group, we’re con­tin­u­al­ly work­ing to pro­vide our patients the high­est-qual­i­ty care and best sur­gi­cal tech­niques, and we’re pleased that Pat­ti had such a suc­cess­ful surgery and easy recovery.”

Dr. Mio­ci­novic sees patients at mul­ti­ple loca­tions through­out the sub­ur­ban Chica­go area. To make an appoint­ment, patients can sched­ule a con­sul­ta­tion at DuPageMed​ical​Group​.com or call 630−790−1221.

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