The Halo™ Laser: An Innovative Approach to Laser Treatment

The Halo™ laser treat­ment uses a com­bi­na­tion of abla­tive and non-abla­tive laser tech­nol­o­gy to pre­cise­ly tar­get prob­lem areas on your skin, result­ing in an even, more smooth com­plex­ion. Whether your skin has been affect­ed by long-term sun expo­sure, an active lifestyle or you are sim­ply expe­ri­enc­ing the inevitable signs of aging, the Halo™ laser treat­ment is a safe and effec­tive way to heal and reju­ve­nate your skin.

What will the Halo™ laser do for me?

If you’ve con­sid­ered a laser pro­ce­dure to refine and tight­en your skin, you’ve like­ly had to choose between two types of treat­ments. The first type of treat­ment may offer quick and notice­able results, but requires sev­er­al days of down­time, and the oth­er may offer less down­time, but requires mul­ti­ple treat­ments and delayed results.

How­ev­er, with the emer­gence of the Halo™ laser treat­ment, the days of choos­ing between out­come and down­time are over. By com­bin­ing abla­tive (destroy­ing tis­sue) and non-abla­tive laser tech­niques, the Halo™ laser applies wave­lengths to the same micro­scop­ic treat­ment zone to max­i­mize results and min­i­mize recov­ery time. By choos­ing the Halo™ laser to address your skin’s needs, you can smooth, tight­en and reju­ve­nate your skin to achieve opti­mal results not offered by oth­er laser treatments.

What makes the Halo™ laser dif­fer­ent from oth­er laser treatments?

Dou­ble Wave­length Treatment

The Halo™ laser is a dual-frac­tion­at­ed laser, mean­ing it fea­tures two dif­fer­ent wave­lengths that are engaged simul­ta­ne­ous­ly. While oth­er lasers pri­mar­i­ly focus on sin­gle wave­length treat­ments, the Halo™ laser pro­vides the refin­ing ben­e­fits of an abla­tive laser at the same time as the firm­ing, col­la­gen-boost­ing ben­e­fits of a non-abla­tive laser. This increas­es the effec­tive­ness of your treat­ment and requires min­i­mal downtime.


The Halo™ laser func­tions as a tun­able’ dual frac­tion­at­ed laser, the only one of its kind. This allows for a cus­tomized treat­ment that tar­gets your skin’s spe­cif­ic needs. Some pop­u­lar exam­ples include pore-reduc­tion, deep­er firm­ing of the face and neck and/​or reduc­tion of brown spots. No mat­ter your treat­ment goals, the Halo™ laser will be tai­lored to your skin to achieve your desired outcome.

Min­i­mal Downtime

Recov­ery from the treat­ment requires min­i­mal down­time and post-treat­ment steps. For instance, you don’t need to apply any oint­ment to your face post-treat­ment or you can wear make­up, and most patients will return to their nor­mal rou­tines one to two days fol­low­ing treatment.

What should I expect after a treatment?

While every­one is dif­fer­ent, most patients expe­ri­ence swelling under their eyes the first few morn­ings after their Halo™ laser treat­ment; how­ev­er, swelling improves as the day goes on.

You will also expe­ri­ence a sub­tle tex­ture (sim­i­lar to fine sand­pa­per), known as micro epi­der­mal necrot­ic debris (MENDS), that will appear between day one and day three post-treat­ment. By day four or five after your treat­ment, the MENDS will nat­u­ral­ly dis­ap­pear, reveal­ing brighter and clear­er skin.

No mat­ter the inten­si­ty of your Halo™ laser, you should plan to be ful­ly recov­ered about five to six days after treatment.

What are the ben­e­fits of the Halo™ laser treatment?

The Halo™ laser treat­ment can ben­e­fit your skin in the fol­low­ing ways:

  • Skin firm­ing, smooth­ing and tightening
  • Treat­ment of deep sun damage
  • Reduc­tion of pores and acne breakouts
  • Reduc­tion of exces­sive dryness
  • Reduc­tion of age spots, fine lines and wrinkles
  • Increased lumi­nos­i­ty ( Halo Glow”)

Lead­ing the way in laser treat­ments, the Halo™ laser improves the appear­ance of all skin types safe­ly and effec­tive­ly, no mat­ter the con­di­tion. By choos­ing the Halo™ laser, you can expect an indi­vid­u­al­ized treat­ment, min­i­mal recov­ery time and imme­di­ate results to achieve the skin you’ve always wanted.

Sched­ule an appoint­ment online or by call­ing your pre­ferred loca­tion to see it the Halo™ laser treat­ment is right for you.

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