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Attaining the Perfect Pout


The Amer­i­can Soci­ety of Plas­tic Sur­geons (ASPS) reports that lip aug­men­ta­tions are up 43% in women since 2000, with fillers being the most pop­u­lar. Lip aug­men­ta­tion used to be a more drawn out process, but today with the advance­ment in fillers, you can enhance your look in mere min­utes. If you’ve been think­ing about per­fect­ing your pout but have been appre­hen­sive about lip fillers in the past, JUVÉ­DERM VOL­BEL­LA® XC might be right for you.

3 Ways to Fix a Turkey Neck Non-surgically


As the body ages, near­ly every­one expe­ri­ences sag­ging skin. Like rings on a tree, loose, sag­ging skin of the neck betrays one’s age. This is par­tic­u­lar­ly true with the now-com­mon BOTOX© Cos­met­ic and der­mal fillers for the face which make neck imper­fec­tions stand out in stark relief. While the best bet for com­bat­ing a full-blown turkey wad­dle is a sur­gi­cal face and neck lift, there are many new­er options for those desir­ing a less-inva­sive approach to achieve a reju­ve­nat­ed neck.