The Latest Skincare Trends

Skin­care trends from 2019 have trick­led into the new decade, how­ev­er, only a few months into 2020 and there are already more to add to the list! Our board-cer­ti­fied der­ma­tol­o­gists and licensed estheti­cians offer you their expert advice on what skin­care trends to expect this year.


Col­la­gen is an essen­tial ingre­di­ent in delay­ing the aging process. It is the most abun­dant pro­tein in the human body, respon­si­ble for strength and struc­ture in your bones, mus­cles and skin. One of the most note­able ben­e­fits of col­la­gen is tis­sue regeneration. 


Microneedling is a non-inva­sive treat­ment that uses col­la­gen induc­tion ther­a­py to address signs of aging. Col­la­gen induc­tion ther­a­py is when small nee­dles in the microneedling device com­fort­ably cre­ate micro­scop­ic punc­tures in your skin to trig­ger the body’s nat­ur­al wound heal­ing process. This results in the for­ma­tion of col­la­gen and elastin, the two vital pro­teins respon­si­ble for skin structure.

Microneedling can reduce the appear­ance of acne scars, blem­ish­es, pores and improve fine lines and wrin­kles, leav­ing you with even, youth­ful look­ing skin.

Learn more about the Skin­Pen®, our microneedling device at Duly Aesthetics.


Platelet rich plas­ma (PRP) are human growth fac­tors found in your blood that help pro­mote the heal­ing process. The platelet-rich-plas­ma can be added to a microneedling treat­ment for increased results and a faster heal­ing process. PRP can also be inject­ed into the scalp to increase hair thick­ness and hair fol­li­cle survival.



Gly­col­ic Acid is one of the most com­mon alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA) used in skin­care. Gly­col­ic acid is pri­mar­i­ly used in exfo­li­at­ing cleansers, ton­ers and serums to help even skin tone and resur­face the skin, and min­i­mize the appear­ance of fine lines, wrin­kles and pores. One of our most pop­u­lar gly­col­ic prod­ucts is SkinCeu­ti­cals Retex­tur­ing Acti­va­tor, which uses 20 per­cent gly­col­ic acid to resur­face and replen­ish your skin for a notice­ably smoother complexion.


Growth Fac­tors are nat­ur­al sub­stances made by skin cells that sup­port the repair of dam­aged skin and help main­tain a healthy tex­ture. Growth fac­tors are unique because they pro­mote col­la­gen and elastin growth at the cel­lu­lar lev­el, which gives your skin the build­ing blocks it needs for opti­mal reju­ve­na­tion. The Neo­Cutis® Bio-Restora­tive Skin Cream is one of our top-sell­ing growth fac­tor prod­ucts. It helps pro­mote skin hydra­tion, recov­ery and restora­tion for opti­mal skin enhancement.


Hyaluron­ic acid is an acid made from enzymes that bind and retain water mol­e­cules. It is a key ingre­di­ent to include in your skin­care rou­tine if you’re try­ing to achieve a hydrat­ed and dewy com­plex­ion. The Restora­tive Mois­tur­iz­er con­tains hyaluron­ic acid and oth­er hydra­tion-boost­ing ingre­di­ents which are for­mu­lat­ed to attract, hold and dis­trib­ute mois­ture — leav­ing your skin soft and glowing.



As men­tioned, hyaluron­ic acid is a key play­er in main­tain­ing and restor­ing mois­ture. It is used in a vari­ety cleansers, creams and serums but has also now become one of the most pop­u­lar ingre­di­ents in injectable fillers such as Resty­lane® and Juve­d­erm®.

Hyaluron­ic acid der­mal injec­tions can be used to improve the following:

  • Acne and facial scars
  • Cheek depres­sions
  • Crow’s feet at the cor­ner of your eyes
  • Deep smile and mar­i­onette lines at the cor­ners of your mouth
  • Frown lines between your eyebrows
  • Lines across your forehead
  • Lip bor­der plump­ing and ver­ti­cal lines on your mouth


Poly­lac­tic acid is a syn­thet­ic der­mal filler that is used in brands such as Sculp­tra® to stim­u­late your body’s nat­ur­al col­la­gen pro­duc­tion process, pro­duc­ing grad­ual results over­time. This type of der­mal filler is known as a stim­u­la­tor. It yields the best results with three treat­ments as your body builds more col­la­gen with each treatment.

Poly­lac­tic acid typ­i­cal­ly presents the best results on the bot­tom half of your face to treat the following:

  • Deep folds between the nose and mouth (nasolabi­al folds)
  • Thin lips
  • Lines fram­ing your mouth (mar­i­onette lines)
  • Chin wrin­kles

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