67 DMG Physicians Named 'Top Doctors'

May 16, 2017

DOWN­ERS GROVE, Ill. — More than 60 physi­cians with DuPage Med­ical Group, the largest inde­pen­dent, mul­ti-spe­cial­ty physi­cian group in the Chica­go area, have been includ­ed in the com­pre­hen­sive 2016 Top Doc­tors” list pub­lished by Cas­tle Con­nol­ly Med­ical Ltd. 

A trust­ed health care indus­try research and infor­ma­tion pub­lish­er, Cas­tle Con­nol­ly annu­al­ly com­piles its Top Doc­tors fea­ture, which iden­ti­fies the best physi­cians in their spe­cial­ties, accord­ing to geo­graph­ic regions. Doc­tors cho­sen for the list rep­re­sent a small per­cent­age of the total nominated.

The DMG physi­cians includ­ed in the list were peer-nom­i­nat­ed and select­ed based on a num­ber of cri­te­ria, includ­ing med­ical edu­ca­tion, train­ing, board cer­ti­fi­ca­tions, hos­pi­tal appoint­ments, admin­is­tra­tive posts, pro­fes­sion­al achieve­ments and dis­ci­pli­nary his­to­ry, among oth­er factors.

The DMG physi­cians includ­ed on the 2016 year-end list are:

Guy Agosti­no, Fam­i­ly Medicine

Marc Asselmeier, Gen­er­al Orthopaedics

Kather­ine Bak­er, Radi­a­tion Oncology

Ojash Bhag­wakar, Inter­nal Medicine

John Bock­rath, Urology

Joan­na Borow­icz, Fam­i­ly Medicine

Robert Car­bone, Inter­nal Medicine

Steven Catal­do, Inter­nal Medicine

Shilpa Red­dy Cheruku­pal­ly, Oto­laryn­gol­o­gy (ENT)

Eugene Chiu, Car­di­ol­o­gy, Vein Clinic

Michael Cohen, Orthopaedics: Hand and Upper Extremity

James Collins, Inter­nal Medicine

Mark Daniel­son, Surgery

Joseph Daw Jr., Plas­tic Surgery

Daniele De Giro­la­mi, Cardiology

Joseph Donzel­li, Oto­laryn­gol­o­gy (ENT)

Daniel Dou­glas, Surgery

Michael Fitzger­ald, Fam­i­ly Medicine

Daniel Frank, Oncology

Thomas Gal­lagher, Inter­nal Medicine

Mar­tin Gal­lo, Obstet­rics and Gynecology

John Gashkoff, Pain Medicine

Lee Gra­ham, Rheumatology

Jason Grif­fin, Inter­nal Medicine

Stephen Grill, Gastroenterology

William Gros, Fam­i­ly Medicine

Cather­ine Grotelueschen, Inter­nal Medicine

Lise A. Guay-Bha­tia, Ophthalmology

Mar­garet Han­non, Fam­i­ly Medicine

Amy Hashimo­to, Inter­nal Medicine

Peter Ker­win, Cardiology

Hal Kipfer, Radiology

Richard Krouse, Break­Through Care Center

Paul Lyon, Urology

Paul Man­ganel­li, Pain Medicine

Amrit Man­gat, Surgery

Steven Mash, Gen­er­al Orthopaedics

Nicholas Matara­gas, Spine Surgery

Paul Mer­rick, Urology

Louis Mon­tana, Surgery

Thomas Moore, Pediatrics

Bri­an Moran, Radi­a­tion Oncology

George Mor­gan, Gastroenterology

David Mor­ris, Pediatrics

Ste­fan Nemeth, Fam­i­ly Medicine

Bri­an O’Leary, Break­Through Care Center

James Oakey, Radiology

Thomas Painter, Vas­cu­lar Surgery

Evans Pap­pas, Cardiology

Robert Pas­ci­ak, Urology

P. Ron­jon Paul, Spine Surgery

R. Andrew Rauh, Cardiology

John Reil­ly, Gen­er­al Orthopaedics

Chris­tine Rej­dukows­ki, Pediatrics

Anand Shah, Radi­a­tion Oncology

Edward Sher­man, Infec­tious Disease

Grant Siev­ert­sen, Inter­nal Med­i­cine & Endocrinology

Christo­pher Simon, Neurology

Matthew Smith, Gastroenterology

Leslie Spencer, Obstet­rics and Gynecology

Mia Taormi­na, Infec­tious Disease

David Tuli­pan, Orthoa­pedics: Hand and Upper Extremity 

Jen­nifer Virant, Inter­nal Medicine

Kevin Walsh, Gen­er­al Orthopaedics

James Wiel­go­lews­ki, Surgery

Mar­go Wolf, Fam­i­ly Medicine

Peter Yoon, Inter­nal Medicine

We’re proud to have more than 60 physi­cians includ­ed on this list, and they’re all very deserv­ing of this hon­or,” DMG Pres­i­dent Dr. Paul Mer­rick said. As we con­tin­ue to expand our geo­graph­ic foot­print, it is our goal to pro­vide the very best in patient care to our patients.”

To learn more about the entire team of expert physi­cians at DMG and full range of spe­cial­ties, vis­it www​.DuPageMed​ical​Group​.com or set up an appoint­ment online at www​.Sched​uleD​MG​.com.

About DuPage Med­ical Group

Found­ed in 1999, DuPage Med­ical Group is the largest inde­pen­dent, mul­ti-spe­cial­ty physi­cian group with more than 600 physi­cians in over 80 sub­ur­ban Chica­go loca­tions. DMG is a patient-cen­tered orga­ni­za­tion focused on improv­ing access to con­ve­nient, qual­i­ty health care using the lat­est tech­nol­o­gy and treat­ment options. For more infor­ma­tion, vis­it www​.duly​healthand​care​.com.

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Cas­tle Con­nol­ly was found­ed in 1991 by John K. Cas­tle and John J. Con­nol­ly, Ed.D. Mr. Cas­tle is Chair­man of Cas­tle Con­nol­ly Med­ical Ltd. and is Chair­man and CEO of Cas­tle Har­lan, Inc., a mer­chant bank­ing firm and the for­mer Chair­man of New York Med­ical Col­lege. Dr. Con­nol­ly is Pres­i­dent and CEO of Cas­tle Con­nol­ly and a past Pres­i­dent of New York Med­ical Col­lege. Physi­cians do not and can­not pay to be select­ed as a Cas­tle Con­nol­ly Top Doctor®.