Anterior Cervical Corpectomy

This surgery removes dam­aged or dis­eased ver­te­bral bone and sur­round­ing discs. It relieves neck, arm and leg symp­toms caused by pres­sure on the spinal cord and spinal nerves. The sur­geon per­forms this pro­ce­dure through an inci­sion on the front of the neck. The discs above and below the dam­aged ver­te­brae are removed. The sur­geon removes the dis­eased ver­te­bra, releas­ing pres­sure from the spinal cord and spinal nerves and reliev­ing symp­toms. The space is cleared and pre­pared, and the bone graft is placed between the ver­te­brae. The graft may be an allo­graft from a bone bank or an auto­graft bone tak­en from the patien­t’s own hip. The sur­geon may screw a small met­al plate over the area to hold the bones in place while the ver­te­brae heal. Dur­ing the heal­ing process, the bone graft knits togeth­er with the ver­te­brae above and below to form a new bone mass called a fusion.