Choledochoscopy & Pancreatoscopy

These pro­ce­dures allow the physi­cian to direct­ly visu­al­ize, detect and treat prob­lems in the bil­iary tracts with an endo­scope. The bil­iary sys­tem con­sists of the organs and ducts (bile ducts, gall­blad­der, and asso­ci­at­ed struc­tures) that are involved in the pro­duc­tion and trans­porta­tion of bile.

Cal­culi (stones) can be removed from the bil­iary sys­tem dur­ing this pro­ce­dure. Large stones can be frag­ment­ed by shock waves and sub­se­quent­ly removed by this pro­ce­dure as well. In addi­tion, this tech­nique allows the physi­cian to take tis­sue sam­ples of sus­pi­cious growths under direct visualization.