Endoluminal Axios Stent Placement

Endo­lu­mi­nal stent­ing is an endo­scop­ic pro­ce­dure that uses the place­ment of a thin tube/​stent to man­age gas­troin­testi­nal (GI) block­ages. Endo­lu­mi­nal stents are placed in the bile duct, esoph­a­gus, colon and small bow­el for both can­cer­ous and non-can­cer­ous block­ages. In addi­tion to endo­lu­mi­nal stent­ing, endo­scop­ic stent pro­ce­dures can be used to relieve block­ages in the gall­blad­der and pan­cre­at­ic duct.