Immittance Testing

This study may include var­i­ous test­ing includ­ing Tym­pa­nom­e­try, Acoustic Reflex­es and Decay. Tym­pa­nom­e­try is respon­si­ble for eval­u­at­ing the func­tion of the mid­dle ear; this includes the eardrum and mid­dle ear bones. This test can be help­ful in con­firm­ing med­ical prob­lems in the ear such as flu­id build-up, ear infec­tion or issues with the ear bones. Acoustic reflex­es and decay eval­u­ate ori­gin of hear­ing loss.

Eustachi­an Tube Func­tion (ETF)

In some instances, ETF may be com­plet­ed as part of the Immit­tance test­ing to ensure prop­er func­tion of the Eustachi­an Tube.