In-Office Balloon Sinuplasty™

In-Office Bal­loon Sin­u­plas­ty is a less-inva­sive, low­er-risk alter­na­tive for patients with chron­ic sinusitis.

The Bal­loon Sin­u­plas­ty pro­ce­dure uses a bal­loon catheter to open a patien­t’s blocked sinus­es and improve nasal drainage. It is less inva­sive than con­ven­tion­al sinus surgery, and requires no cut­ting or removal of bone and tis­sue. The pro­ce­dure usu­al­ly takes 60 — 90 min­utes, depend­ing on the num­ber of sinus­es to be opened and the patien­t’s anato­my. Most of this sched­uled time is spent on local anes­the­sia to enhance patient com­fort dur­ing the actu­al sur­gi­cal por­tion of the procedure.

Bal­loon Sin­u­plas­ty has a quick­er recov­ery time, usu­al­ly around two days, and car­ries none of the risks of gen­er­al anes­the­sia, which is required for stan­dard sinus surgery. The pro­ce­dure is con­sid­ered an alter­na­tive for patients with chron­ic sinusi­tis who have not respond­ed to med­ical man­age­ment and who pre­fer a less inva­sive option. Addi­tion­al­ly, it pro­vides a viable treat­ment option for patients who are not good can­di­dates for gen­er­al anes­the­sia due to pre­ex­ist­ing health conditions.

Bal­loon Sin­u­plas­ty pro­ce­dures are cov­ered by most health insur­ances includ­ing Medicare.