Methacholine Challenge Testing

Chal­lenge Test­ing can help diag­nose asth­ma by uti­liz­ing Metha­choline which caus­es the air­way to slight­ly nar­row upon breath­ing it in. Your med­ical provider will get your base­line infor­ma­tion through a breath­ing test before admin­is­ter­ing the Chal­lenge Test. A small dose of Metha­choline will be giv­en to you through a mask and then your med­ical provider will per­form a breath­ing test to deter­mine if you have air­way restric­tion. Once you begin to show symp­toms of breath­ing dis­tress, the test will be concluded.


Amer­i­can Col­lege of Aller­gy, Asth­ma, and Immunol­o­gy (acaai​.org)

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