Single Balloon Deep Enteroscopy

Sin­gle bal­loon deep enteroscopy is an endo­scop­ic pro­ce­dure used to exam­ine the stom­ach, lin­ing of the esoph­a­gus and most fre­quent­ly the small intes­tine to diag­nose and treat dis­eases found in those areas. A small endo­scope with a over­tube and bal­loon on the end is insert­ed down the throat where the bal­loon can be inflat­ed and deflat­ed to allow the endo­scope to reach deep into the small intes­tine. This pro­ce­dure is typ­i­cal­ly per­formed when patients have prob­lems with their small intes­tine such as bleed­ing, nar­row­ing, polyps, inflam­ma­tion or tumors with­in the small intes­tine and the doc­tor needs to view the area for treatment.