Typhoid Fever Vaccination

Typhoid (Typhoid Fever) is caused by infec­tion from Sal­mo­nel­la bac­te­ria. This ill­ness is most com­mon­ly spread by uncooked or under­cooked food or through con­t­a­m­i­nat­ed water. Typhoid can be fatal if it’s not treated.

Who should get immu­nized: The Typhoid vac­cine is appro­pri­ate for at-risk indi­vid­u­als two years of age or older.

Immu­niza­tion sched­ule: The Typhoid vac­cine is a one-time immu­niza­tion, avail­able in both oral and injectable forms. Ide­al­ly the dose should be admin­is­tered at least two weeks pri­or to trav­el­ing. The oral form of the vac­ci­na­tion (four pills) pro­vides immu­ni­ty for five years. The injectable form (one dose) pro­vides two years immunity.