Amara View Mask With Headgear

Philips Respiron­ics’ Ama­ra View Full Face CPAP Mask with Head­gear opens the line of vis­i­bil­i­ty dur­ing sleep ther­a­py by omit­ting the tra­di­tion­al fore­head sup­port. The com­pact, full face mask is designed to seal around the mouth and nos­trils with the help of an inno­v­a­tive nos­tril open­ing. The mask is secured by posi­tion­ing the nasal open­ing under the nose and adjust­ing the head­gear to a com­fort­able fit. This is avail­able in sizes small, medi­um and large.


  • Open Vision Design
  • Under the Nose Cushion
  • Light­weight Materials
  • Uni­ver­sal Size Mask Frame
  • Adjustable Head­gear with Crown Strap
  • Short Tube with Elbow and Swivel
  • Quick Release Head­gear Clips

Open Vision Design

This design offers a wide range of vis­i­bil­i­ty. This full face mask is con­trolled by the strong seal cre­at­ed around the base of the nose and mouth, with addi­tion­al sup­port pro­vid­ed by head­gear extend­ing from the front of the mask to the crown of the head. Unlike oth­er full face masks, it does not need a fore­head sup­port to steady the mask.

Under the Nose Cushion

A rec­tan­gu­lar hole is found at the top of the full face cush­ion. This nos­tril open­ing is intend­ed to allow the nec­es­sary pres­sure into the nos­trils with­out irri­tat­ing the nose. Gen­tly glide your nose over the nos­tril open­ing to find the intend­ed fit. Please Note: The user must keep their nose above the nos­tril open­ing, not let­ting it fall through the crevice. CPAP ther­a­py is impaired when the nose is not secure­ly placed over the opening.

Light­weight Materials

Fur­ther­ing the min­i­mal­is­tic design, the Ama­ra View Full Face CPAP Mask with Head­gear is com­posed of light­weight mate­ri­als. The soft, sil­i­cone full face cush­ion snaps into a light­weight frame, which cov­ers only the nos­trils and mouth. The frame and full face cush­ion do not extend past the base of the nose, reliev­ing the user from bear­ing the weight of the mask on the bridge of their nose. Instead, the head­gear even­ly dis­places the weight of the mask to help low­er the num­ber of pres­sure points. The head­gear should fit com­fort­ably, be care­ful not to over-tighten.

Uni­ver­sal Size Mask Frame

The Ama­ra View Full Face Mask fea­tures a uni­ver­sal mask frame. This is a con­ve­nience fea­ture which allows the user to eas­i­ly replace the com­pat­i­ble cush­ions when need­ed. The Ama­ra View Full Face cush­ions in size small, medi­um, and large are com­pat­i­ble with this mask frame. If the time has come to replace your cush­ion, make the selec­tion with­out re-pur­chas­ing the entire mask. Sim­ply find the Ama­ra View full face cush­ion, select the cor­rect size, and replace.

Adjustable Head­gear with Crown Strap

The Ama­ra View Full Face mask fea­tures a inno­v­a­tive head­gear with four points of adjust­ment around the mask frame and a fifth point of adjust­ment using a crown strap at the top of the head. The crown strap cross­es direct­ly over the top of the head, cre­at­ing a halo shape around the back of the user’s head. The num­ber of adjust­ment options cre­ates a design that helps pro­mote a more secure grip and even dis­tri­b­u­tion of pres­sure. All Ama­ra View masks are accom­pa­nied by the stan­dard size head­gear. A larg­er head­gear option can be pur­chased, here.

Short Tube with Elbow and Swivel

Respiron­ics designed a short tube for the Ama­ra View Full Face Mask. The tube extends from the front of the mask frame and con­nects to the cuff of the CPAP hose. Attach the built-in elbow to the mask frame and secure the swiv­el to the cuff of the CPAP hose. The flex­i­ble tub­ing moves freely with the motion of the user, giv­ing the user more mobil­i­ty. The 360 degree motion pro­vid­ed by the swiv­el caus­es less of a pull on the CPAP hose and increas­es the user’s chance of main­tain­ing a strong seal through­out the night.

Quick Release Head­gear Clips

Wak­ing up in the mid­dle of the night can be dif­fi­cult. With quick release head­gear clips, sim­ply rotate and lift the clips to swift­ly remove the mask from your face. The head­gear is designed to main­tain its shape while the clips are detached, so re-apply­ing the head­gear might be accom­plished with ease.