Duly Surgery Center Westmont

The Duly Surgery Cen­ter West­mont facil­i­ty is a state-of-the-art Ambu­la­to­ry Sur­gi­cal Cen­ter (ASC) ded­i­cat­ed to pro­vid­ing out­pa­tient orthopaedic and spine surgery pro­ce­dures. Our facil­i­ty is designed to be a com­fort­ing envi­ron­ment as we under­stand that surgery can be a stress­ful life event. At the Duly Surgery Cen­ter West­mont, our board-cer­ti­fied orthopaedic sur­geons are exten­sive­ly trained in the lat­est sur­gi­cal advance­ments, such as total joint replace­ment surg­eries, spine surg­eries and sports med­i­cine-relat­ed pro­ce­dures, to help you get back to your favorite activ­i­ties. In fact, many of our sur­geons are trained at the country’s best med­ical schools and fel­low­ship pro­grams. They, along with an expe­ri­enced team of nurs­es and health­care pro­fes­sion­als, will pro­vide you excep­tion­al care before, dur­ing and after your procedure.