Swift™ FX Nano for Her Nasal Mask Complete System

The Swift™ FX Nano for Her nasal mask is small in size and big on com­fort, fea­tur­ing a styl­ish head­gear and fit range specif­i­cal­ly for women. Com­bin­ing the stream­lined design of nasal pil­lows with the nat­ur­al breath­ing com­fort of a nasal mask, it allows you to read or watch tele­vi­sion and includes built-in tech­nol­o­gy to help you sleep com­fort­ably through the night.

• Two-point head­gear with no need for rigid frames or fore­head support

• Ball-joint elbow rotates 360 degrees to accom­mo­date var­i­ous sleep­ing positions

• Soft­Edge™ fab­ric on back­strap for a com­fort­able fit with option­al soft wraps for added comfort

• Mod­i­fied dual-wall nasal cush­ion pro­vides a sup­port­ive seal with greater flexibility

To place an order or speak with our team, please call 1−630−545−7770. If you are an exist­ing cus­tomer and you have a non-urgent ques­tion for us, please send a mes­sage through MyD­MGHealth (MyChart). We will respond with­in 2 busi­ness days.