Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP)

A Con­tin­u­ous Pos­i­tive Air­way Pres­sure (CPAP) device is a machine that sends pres­sur­ized air­flow into your nose and mouth as you sleep. This makes it eas­i­er for you to breathe by keep­ing your upper air­way open. CPAP ther­a­py is effec­tive if you have been diag­nosed with obstruc­tive sleep apnea. As you sleep, the airstream from the CPAP machine push­es against any block­ages, open­ing your air­ways so your lungs receive plen­ty of oxy­gen. With­out any­thing obstruct­ing this flow of oxy­gen, your breath­ing doesn’t pause. As a result, you don’t repeat­ed­ly wake up to resume breathing.