Oral Appliance

Oral appli­ances are small devices that you wear while you sleep, much like a retain­er, to treat snor­ing or obstruc­tive sleep apnea. Oral appli­ances work to treat your apnea by pre­vent­ing the col­lapse of the tongue and soft tis­sues in the back of your throat, keep­ing your air­way open to allow ade­quate air intake. Oral appli­ances work to repo­si­tion the low­er jaw, tongue, soft palate, and uvu­la. They also sta­bi­lize the low­er jaw and tongue and help to increase the mus­cle tone of the tongue. Oral appli­ances are cus­tom fit by a Den­tist board­ed in Den­tal Sleep Med­i­cine. A den­tal provider will work close­ly with your sleep provider to assess treat­ment effi­ca­cy through fol­low up sleep stud­ies and visits.