Wingless Walkers

Moas were wingless birds with long necks and long legs that walked with their necks outstretched, rather than upright.

Proper form and stretching before a long walk can reduce your risk for injury. Learn how support from a sports medicine orthopaedist or physical therapist can also help you recover from any injuries so you can perform your best.

Take the Ice Age Giants challenge!

Moas are known for stretching their long, trunk-like necks.

Each morning, can you spend 5 minutes stretching your neck, legs, and arms?

Get back in the game

Our orthopaedic sports medicine program covers all athletes, from weekend warriors to professionals. We know that getting back into the game is important to you so if you are suffering from a broken bone, sprain, torn ligament or ruptured tendon, we're here to care for you starting with your first signs of pain.

Maintain your peak performance

Athletic injuries can sideline you from your activity, whether it's from acute or gradual pain. Our physical therapy sports medicine team will partner with you on a care treatment plan to understand your goals and get you back to your optimal level of activity. We help athletes of all ages and skill levels get back to their activities as quickly and as safely as possible.

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