Choledocholithiasis (Bile Duct Stones)

Bile duct stones can form with­in the bile ducts them­selves or more com­mon­ly occur when gall stones form in the gall­blad­der and migrate to the com­mon bile duct where they get stuck. Stones in the bile duct may not cause symp­toms for years. If the stone lodges in the duct and becomes stuck you may expe­ri­ence abdom­i­nal pain, fever, jaun­dice, nau­sea, vom­it­ing of loss of appetite. Sud­den weight loss, high cho­les­terol, obe­si­ty, bil­iary tract infec­tions, high-fat diets, liv­er dis­ease, and high estro­gen med­ica­tions all increase your risk for devel­op­ing both gall and bile duct stones.