Peripheral Neuralgia/Neuropathy

This painful con­di­tion results from dam­age to the periph­er­al ner­vous sys­tem — the nerves that trav­el from the spinal cord to the limbs and organs.

The frag­ile ner­vous sys­tem can be dam­aged by dis­ease, trau­ma, surgery, or many oth­er fac­tors. Dam­aged nerves can send con­fused or ampli­fied sig­nals to the brain, which can be per­ceived as pain.

Most neu­ral­gia suf­fer­ers feel acute pain in a spe­cif­ic part of the body. Sen­sa­tions can range from a steady burn­ing to a prick­ing, or elec­tric shock. Neu­ral­gia can be dif­fi­cult to treat, and treat­ment often depends on the type and cause of the dam­age. Pain relief med­ica­tions, anti­de­pres­sants and anti­con­vul­sants are often pre­scribed. Alter­na­tive treat­ments such as elec­trode ther­a­py may also be used.

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