6 Ways You Can Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

Unlike Type 1 dia­betes, pre­di­a­betes and Type 2 dia­betes can be pre­vent­ed or delayed if you mod­i­fy your lifestyle. Your pri­ma­ry care provider can assess your risk based on your symp­toms and health back­ground. If you are diag­nosed or found to be high risk for devel­op­ing pre­di­a­betes, your provider will rec­om­mend healthy lifestyle mod­i­fi­ca­tions you can make to pre­vent the onset of Type 2 diabetes. 

Below is a list of fun, smart ways to help pre­vent the onset of pre­di­a­betes and Type 2 diabetes. 

1. Eat smart

By con­trol­ling por­tion sizes, you can eat your way to bet­ter health. Instead of using a din­ner plate, try using a sal­ad or lun­cheon plate; this will help make less food look like more. In addi­tion, you can use child-size uten­sils to help take small­er bites and slow your eat­ing. It takes about 20 min­utes for your stom­ach to sig­nal your brain that you are full. Eat­ing slow­er will help stop you from overeating.

2. Get moving

Being active each day will help you stay at a healthy weight and help pre­vent Type 2 dia­betes. You can get cre­ative, too! Try tak­ing the stairs at work, park fur­ther from the door, take a walk with a friend to catch up instead of over the phone or dance to music with your kids or while you do house­work. The pos­si­bil­i­ties are endless.

3. Make good choic­es and strive for balance

Increase your veg­etable intake and reduce fat­ty, salty and high-calo­rie foods. Keep fruits and veg­eta­bles around for a healthy snack. Assess each meal to see if it includes a bal­ance of starchy carbs + fruit or veg­eta­bles + pro­tein from fish/​poultry/​seafood, beans, or dairy.

4. Cook intelligently

Cook with less but­ter and oil. Avoid snack­ing while mak­ing a meal. Rather than using salt, try incor­po­rat­ing dif­fer­ent herbs and spices while you cook for a change of pace.

5. Drink up

Increase your water intake and lim­it sug­ary drinks such as soda, sports drinks and whole milk.

6. Take a breather

Last­ly, don’t for­get to relax. Pam­per your­self by read­ing a book, tak­ing a long bath or lis­ten­ing to your favorite music.

Sched­ule an appointment with a pri­ma­ry care provider to assess your risk of dia­betes and what changes you can make to low­er your risk. 

  • Yousuf Syed, DO - Bartlett Family Doctor

    My approach to practicing medicine involves addressing the mind, body and spirit as a whole. It begins with formulating a welcoming environment and developing a strong patient-physician relationship that is built on trust and honesty. The ultimate goal is the well-being of my patients accomplished through education, guidance and most of all, support.