Attaining the Perfect Pout

The Amer­i­can Soci­ety of Plas­tic Sur­geons (ASPS) reports that lip aug­men­ta­tions are up 43% in women since 2000, with fillers being the most pop­u­lar. Lip aug­men­ta­tion used to be a more drawn out process, but today with the advance­ment in fillers, you can enhance your look in mere min­utes. If you’ve been think­ing about per­fect­ing your pout but have been appre­hen­sive about lip fillers in the past, JUVÉ­DERM VOL­BEL­LA® XC might be right for you.

For Lips & Lines

You may be look­ing for a sub­tle lift, or a slight enhance­ment to give you a more youth­ful but nat­ur­al appear­ance. Ver­ti­cal lines appear as you age and add years to your look, they can occur from repeat sun expo­sure, being a smok­er, aging or repeat­ed mus­cle movements.

This new filler has been designed to add sub­tle vol­ume to lips, restore lost lip vol­ume and help bet­ter define lip bor­ders. JUVÉ­DERM VOL­BEL­LA® XC is known for its abil­i­ty to cre­ate soft, sub­tle results that feel and look natural.


JUVÉ­DERM VOL­BEL­LA® XC is a new FDA-approved filler proven to increase lip full­ness and soft­en the appear­ance of peri­o­ral lines. This injectable gel is made from mod­i­fied hyaluron­ic acid which is a nat­u­ral­ly occur­ring sug­ar found in the human body that is less dense and smoother than oth­er der­mal fillers. This min­i­mizes side effects such as bruis­ing and swelling and also allows the gel to spread more rapid­ly giv­ing you quick­er results. Results last for up to one year, which is longer than most oth­er lip fillers avail­able today. Since JUVÉ­DERM VOL­BEL­LA® XC is built on VYCROSS® tech­nol­o­gy (like VOLUMA®), risks for vis­i­ble lumps and bumps in fine areas are elim­i­nat­ed as well as greater lift capac­i­ty achieved. Gen­tly inject­ed using a fine nee­dle, JUVÉ­DERM VOL­BEL­LA® XC pro­vides instant results.

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