What are Growth Factors?

And Why They Should Have A Place In Your Skin­care Routine

The advance­ment of biotech­nol­o­gy with­in the past decade has allowed for more effec­tive and advanced skin­care prod­ucts than ever before. Der­ma­tol­ogy prac­tices are always in pur­suit of mod­ern tech­niques to improve the qual­i­ty of skin, whether it’s try­ing to reduce rosacea or get­ting rid of tough wrin­kles. In fact, find­ing a prod­uct that can tar­get mul­ti­ple skin con­cerns at once is often one of the biggest chal­lenges for peo­ple look­ing to improve their skin quality.

Growth fac­tors are among the few ingre­di­ents in skin­care prod­ucts that effec­tive­ly address mul­ti­ple skin­care con­cerns at once. They are nat­ur­al sub­stances made by skin cells that sup­port the repair of dam­aged skin and main­tain a healthy tex­ture. Growth fac­tors are unique because they pro­mote col­la­gen and elastin growth at the cel­lu­lar lev­el, which gives your skin the build­ing blocks it needs for opti­mal rejuvenation.

The fol­low­ing are rea­sons why we believe growth fac­tor prod­ucts should have a place in your skin­care routine.

Growth fac­tors boost skin cell growth.

Growth fac­tors com­mu­ni­cate with your cells to cre­ate more col­la­gen and elastin, which keep skin smooth and firm for a healthy, youth­ful complexion.

They address mul­ti­ple aging con­cerns at once.

Anti-aging skin­care prod­ucts that con­tain growth fac­tors are won­der­ful at mul­ti­task­ing. They tack­le all kinds of issues from wrin­kles and dark spots to lack of firm­ness and sagging.

They’re nat­ur­al sub­stances in your body.

Growth fac­tors are every­where in your skin, so when apply­ing growth fac­tor prod­ucts you are using a safe and effec­tive anti-aging ingre­di­ent. They help to repli­cate cells, which reduces inflam­ma­tion and stim­u­lates col­la­gen production.

Growth fac­tors pair well with the prod­ucts you already use.

If you have oth­er anti-aging prod­ucts, you can eas­i­ly add growth fac­tors to boost your results. Growth fac­tors work well with vit­a­min C, retinol, hyaluron­ic acid, hydro­quinone, and many oth­ers. For opti­mal skin reju­ve­na­tion, many say to pair growth fac­tor prod­ucts with antioxidants.

Here at Duly Aes­thet­ics, we car­ry the lat­est in cut­ting-edge growth fac­tor prod­ucts. Stop in or call your local Duly Aes­thet­ics today to see which prod­ucts are best for your skin.

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