Uro­Lift® is a min­i­mal­ly-inva­sive treat­ment option for men with Benign Pro­sta­t­ic Hyper­pla­sia (BPH) that can be per­formed in the office, pro­vid­ing quick relief of uri­nary symp­toms while pre­serv­ing sex­u­al function.

Unlike med­ica­tions used to treat BPH, which pri­marly pro­vide symp­tom relief, the pro­ce­dure address­es the block­age direct­ly, using tiny implants to open the obstruct­ed path­way that is restrict­ing your urine flow.

Uro­Lift® does not require ongo­ing med­ica­tions or involve heat­ing, cut­ting or removal of prostate tis­sue like many oth­er treat­ment options. 

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