Hand and Upper Extremity

The hand is one of the most com­plex instru­ments found in nature. It’s the vehi­cle through which we inter­act with the world around us. The com­bi­na­tion of mus­cle, bone, ten­don, nerve, joints, lig­a­ments, skin, and blood ves­sels need to work in con­cert to allow for the full spec­trum of hand func­tions. If any of these ele­ments are com­pro­mised, dai­ly activ­i­ties and even over­all qual­i­ty of life can suf­fer. At Duly Health and Care, our team of fel­low­ship trained hand sur­geons looks for­ward to work­ing with each patient to find the best treat­ment options pos­si­ble to address not only the prob­lems with the hand, but the rest of the upper extrem­i­ty as well. From prop­er med­ical treat­ment, cast­ing, and ther­a­py ser­vices to lead­ing edge surg­eries, DMG offers the com­plete gamut of ser­vices to restore mobil­i­ty and func­tion to your dam­aged hand.



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