Low Testosterone (Low T)

Testos­terone is an impor­tant male sex hor­mone and low lev­els can impact your sex dri­ve, phys­i­cal fea­tures and mood. Testos­terone lev­els decrease nat­u­ral­ly as you age, typ­i­cal­ly declin­ing about 1 per­cent each year after the age of 30. Symp­toms of low testos­terone include:

  • Dimin­ished inter­est in sex
  • Erec­tile dysfunction
  • Reduced lean body mass
  • Depressed mood
  • Lack of energy 

Treat­ment options may include injec­tions and/​or top­i­cal patch­es or gels. Your urol­o­gist will mon­i­tor your testos­terone lev­els and help you select the treat­ment plan that is right for you. Click here for ways to boost your testos­terone naturally.