Bel­lafill® is the only der­mal filler approved by the FDA for the cor­rec­tion of mod­er­ate to severe facial acne scars. 

As Bel­lafill® is inject­ed into the skin, the filler pro­vides almost imme­di­ate and vis­i­ble lift and fill to the inject­ed loca­tion. Over time, the Bel­lafill® micros­pheres stim­u­late for­ma­tion of new, nat­ur­al endoge­nous col­la­gen for a smooth skin tex­ture that lasts for years to come. 

The treat­ment is sim­ple with lit­tle to no down­time, allow­ing you to resume your nor­mal activ­i­ties quickly. 

Learn more about Bel­lafill. [https://​bel​lafill​.com/]