CoolSculpt­ing™ by ZEL­TIQ™ is a new, non-inva­sive way to gen­tly and effec­tive­ly reduce fat in tar­get­ed areas of the body that results in a notice­able, nat­ur­al-look­ing fat reduc­tion in the treat­ed areas. 

What makes CoolSculpt­ing dif­fer­ent is that it uses advanced cool­ing tech­nol­o­gy to selec­tive­ly tar­get fat bulges and reduce fat cells through a grad­ual process that does not harm the sur­round­ing tis­sues. This pro­ce­dure can reduce unwant­ed abdom­i­nal fat, love han­dles (flanks), and back fat. 

Learn more about CoolSculpt­ing™. [https://​www​.coolsculpt​ing​.com/]