Thigh Lift

If you don’t like your thighs rub­bing togeth­er, your thighs look sag­gy, or your out­er thighs are dis­pro­por­tion­ate to your hips or but­tocks– then a thigh lift may be what you need. A thigh lift is per­formed on those who are still unhap­py with the appear­ance of their thighs despite weight loss and exer­cise. Many fac­tors can cause this appear­ance, such as sun dam­age, preg­nan­cy and weight loss. These issues can cause poor elas­tic­i­ty and irreg­u­lar con­tours. By hav­ing a thigh lift, firm­ness can be restored to achieve the more youth­ful appear­ance you desire.