Even through main­tain­ing a healthy diet and fit­ness rou­tine, some peo­ple have stub­born areas of fat that don’t respond to these tra­di­tion­al meth­ods. Lipo­suc­tion, also known as lipoplas­ty, is the sur­gi­cal removal of local­ized fat deposits, and can aid in fat reduction. 

By using the high-def­i­n­i­tion VAS­ER® Lipo Sys­tem, we are able to implode the fat cells through ultra­son­ic waves. We feel this method of lipo­suc­tion is less trau­mat­ic than tra­di­tion­al methods.

By choos­ing lipo­suc­tion, we can slim and reshape spe­cif­ic areas of con­cern, leav­ing you with an over­all appear­ance to enhance your self-image.

Before & After


This 30 year old patient, with a normal body weight, had submental fullness and wished to have a more defined jawline and profile. Submental liposuction was performed in office under local anesthesia by Dr. Yekaterina Polyatskaya.

*Individual results may vary.