Enlighten™ Laser (Tattoo Removal)

What you once loved….doesn’t have to last for­ev­er. Now with the help of rev­o­lu­tion­ary advance­ments in laser tech­nol­o­gy, the enlight­en laser will quick­ly remove that tat­too you want to for­get. The Enlight­en™ laser sys­tem is one of the most advanced laser sys­tem avail­able for the safe and effec­tive removal of tat­toos and benign pig­ment­ed lesions. 

The Enlight­en™ laser is the first and only dual wave­length and dual pulse dura­tion laser sys­tem which pro­vides a more advanced way of remov­ing tat­too col­oration by quick­ly break­ing down the ink par­ti­cles from tat­toos. Since the laser emit­ted from Enlight­en is short­er and more pulsed, it is able to dimin­ish the tat­too pig­ment in few­er treat­ment ses­sions than tra­di­tion­al lasers used in the past. 

Num­ber of treat­ments will vary and depend on the depth, ink col­or and size of the tattoo.

Before & After


Sessions performed by Shraddha Desai, MD