As we age, skin los­es its youth­ful appear­ance as the pro­duc­tion of nat­u­ral­ly occur­ring struc­tures dimin­ish­es. As one of these struc­tures, hyaluron­ic acid, dis­ap­pears, fine lines and wrin­kles begin to appear. Skilled injec­tors are now able to improve your appear­ance by replac­ing hyaluron­ic acid which will inte­grate into your skin for results that are unique­ly you. 

BELOTERO BAL­ANCE® is a der­mal filler com­prised of hyaluron­ic acid which works by adapt­ing to your skin, smooth­ing out and soft­en­ing facial lines and wrin­kles. Results are almost instan­ta­neous and will last approx­i­mate­ly 6 months. BELOTERO BAL­ANCE® is indi­cat­ed for the treat­ment of nasolabi­al folds. 

Learn more about BELOTERO BAL­ANCE®. [https://​www​.belotero​.com/]