RADIESSE® is a der­mal filler com­prised of cal­ci­um based micros­pheres sus­pend­ed in a nat­ur­al gel. It sup­ports and stim­u­lates the growth of your own collagen. 

RADIESSE® is typ­i­cal­ly used along the nasolabi­al folds (the lines that extend from the cor­ner of your nose to the cor­ner of your mouth). It can also be used in most areas of the face to treat deep wrinkles. 

More recent­ly, RADIESSE® has been approved for use on the hands. The results are almost imme­di­ate, smooth­ing and soft­en­ing deep lines cre­at­ing a younger, refreshed look. 

Learn more about RADIESSE®. [https://​radiesse​.com/]

Before & After


Dr. Stephanie Gan injected Radiesse into the hands of this 64 years old female patient to restore volume and improve the appearance of her hands.*Individual results may vary.