XEOMIN® is used to improve the appear­ance of mod­er­ate to severe frown lines between the eye­brows in adult patients. 

When you squint or frown, the mus­cles between your brows con­tract, caus­ing the skin to crease and form wrin­kles over time. The active ingre­di­ent in XEOMIN® acts on nerve end­ings in the mus­cles to pre­vent the mus­cle fibers from con­tract­ing. By reduc­ing the mus­cle move­ment, XEOMIN® can tem­porar­i­ly reduce the lines on your fore­head and between your eyebrows. 

Most patients start to see results with­in sev­en days of their injec­tion. The max­i­mum ben­e­fit of XEOMIN® is typ­i­cal­ly seen after 30 days. 

Learn more about XEOMIN®. [https://​www​.xeomin​.com/]


*individual results may vary


Alix J. Charles, MD, FAAD

Dr. Charles is terrific physician - he has done my treatments for years. He told me about Xeomin and I love it! I think it works better than Botox!