Sculptra® Aesthetic

Sculp­tra® Aes­thet­ic. It’s not an overnight mir­a­cle, or a quick-fix, but it is long last­ing. Sculp­tra® Aes­thet­ic is the first facial injectable that gives you sub­tle results over time by replac­ing lost col­la­gen and giv­ing you a more nat­ur­al-look­ing appear­ance with­out giv­ing you away. A full treat­ment of Sculp­tra® Aes­thet­ic con­sists of an aver­age of three injec­tion ses­sions over a few months, with results that can gen­er­al­ly last up to two years. 

Sculp­tra® Aes­thet­ics is suit­able for: Deep folds between the nose and mouth (nasolabi­al folds) The lines fram­ing your mouth (mar­i­onette lines) Chin wrin­kles Oth­er facial wrin­kles With Sculp­tra, you have more time to see how sen­sa­tion­al sub­tle can be. Dis­cov­er anti-age for the mod­ern age. 

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