InstaLift™ (non-surgical facelift)

Have you been think­ing about a facelift, but aren’t ready for surgery or don’t want to go under anes­the­sia? Sil­hou­ette InstaLift™, also known as the non-sur­gi­cal facelift” in Europe, helps to lift and restore vol­ume to the mid-face and cheek area. 

This pro­ce­dure involves insert­ing a series of tiny thread­ed biodegrad­able cones in and around the cheeks and jaw­line. Only local numb­ing of a few small key spots on face is nec­es­sary. Once the threads are woven into the tis­sue, they cre­ate ten­sion and hoist the sag­ging skin upward, restor­ing vol­ume in the cheeks and tight­en the jawline. 

This con­ve­nient, in-office pro­ce­dure gen­er­al­ly takes about 30 – 45 min­utes and can give you a nat­ur­al more youth­ful appear­ance. What’s best is that results can be seen almost imme­di­ate­ly and lasts for about 18 – 24 months. 

Learn more about Sil­hou­ette InstaLift™. [https://​instalift​.com/]